Donald Rees

Chief Executive Officer

Don learned the value of mentorship from the earliest days of his career at Hostess Frito-Lay, and has played this role for others ever since. He is a steadfast business and organizational leader with proven experience transforming businesses through all functional areas. Classically trained, with deep and diversified experiences leading midsize and large tier one national marketing, sales, service and distribution organizations, Don believes that sustainable success comes from collaboration. He's also learned that thinking without the anchor of a strategy can lead the best of organizations down the wrong and sometimes irreversible path.

Don's career is defined by creating and implementing business and organizational strategies that ensure a focus on continuous improvement, market growth, profit enhancement and business revitalization. The case studies you'll find in this site highlight how he has decisively guided cross-functional teams in the design of new business solutions.

Don is an effective presenter and negotiator capable of forging solid relationships with customers and strategic partners, across multiple channels and categories. He is fixated on identifying key objectives that are meaningful and measurable, then finding the best tools to monitor progress at every step.

Entrepreneurial leader, strategic thinker, people and team builder with exceptional interpersonal and communication skills creating effective networks at all levels, Don exudes energy and confidence to excel and deliver results for the people and teams he mentors.

Career Highlights

Don has enjoyed a career providing leadership and mentorship that has helped organizations move to the next level of success, including:

  • Merger of Hostess / Frito Lay, and the impact of marketing leadership to transform into Canada’s dominant snack food company
  • Acquisition of Green Cross Lawn and Garden Products and the ultimate sale of Green Cross to be part of The Scott’s Miracle Grow Company
  • Acquisitions of several mid-sized natural health food distributors to create SunOpta’s Food Distribution Group and the ultimate sale to United Natural Foods Inc (UNFI)
  • Turnaround of Organic Meadow and the Creation of a Partnership with AgriFoods to create Organic Meadow Limited Partnership

Laura Rees


Laura has built a successful career through continuous business engagement with diverse projects. A consulting professional specializing in project management, her role has been guided by her talent to analyze and develop the strategic planning priorities for organizations. This unique breadth of skills has enabled Laura to impact all levels of an organization, from C-level strategic leadership to the deployment of public-facing communications, media relations, and special event planning. For example, Laura has played a key role in coordinating conferences on coal, biomass, distributed generation, nuclear and public sector governance, in the electricity sector and the future of local distribution companies, as well as other symposiums, think tanks, forums and roundtable events.

Laura's work has involved management and leadership for both public and private sector organizations, developing strategically-centered project and logistics plans, with deliverables that meet clear and measurable objectives connected to firm budgets and schedule requirements.

Laura is also an experienced and articulate facilitator, with a proven track record as both leader and contributor for provincial committees, private companies, volunteer committees, charities and non-profit organizations. She is experienced not only in preparing strategic reports for public consumption, but presenting them in open forums for discussion and debate, before leading the implementation of the resulting plans. She has also successfully written grants and undertaken fundraising initiatives for non-profit and charitable organizations valued to date at over one million dollars.

Laura's ability to bridge the needs of strategic leadership and project deployment provides her clients with a distinct and valuable collaborator, with an unbridled enthusiasm to inspire the people around her to deliver projects on strategy, on time, on budget.

Career Highlights

Laura's balanced approach to strategy and execution has benefited numerous businesses, organizations and associations, playing diverse, key roles as a project management consultant including:

  • Executive Director of the Council for Clean & Reliable Energy, a non-profit organization that provides a platform for public dialogue and analysis on subjects related to energy policy
  • Key project support for the Canadian operations of the global organization LeanCor Supply Chain Group
  • Executive Director of the Williams Mill Visual Arts Centre, providing collaborative support to the Board of Directors, artist community, business and cultural organizations, assuming responsibility for oversight of the administration, arts education centre and gallery, and offering expertise in the development of business plans related to marketing and public relations, special event planning, arts education, strategic planning and long-term corporate sustainability


The greatest good you can do for another is not just to share your riches but to reveal to him his own. - Benjamin Disraeli

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